Woodson History

Woodson family settled in Powell Valley in the early 1800’s, just before the Civil War

Andrew Davidson Woodson (1843-1913) & Mossie Kincaid (1851-1913) had son R.L. “Pop” Woodson Sr. (1884-1980)

R.L. Woodson Sr. started the Grocery business in downtown

         LaFollette in 1919 — General Store

R.L. “Bobby” Woodson Jr. joined the business in 1941

Owned Woodson’s IGA in Oakridge, Elza Gate in the early 1950’s

Opened “Woodson’s Supermarket” 1958, “Old Woodson’s” where Home Town IGA is now located

1962, R.L. Woodson Jr. was one of 4 founding members of the LaFollette Chamber of Commerce

1970 : Rob Woodson III joined the business

1978 : Woodson’s Mall was opened with “Woodson’s New World of Shopping”

2010:  Food City opens as new anchor store for Woodson’s Mall”Food City Center”, Woodson’s Mall currently has more than 30 businesses operating in the center